• Communicator. Strategist. Advisor.

    Communicator. Strategist. Advisor.

About me

I am a seasoned communication professional with 15 years of experience advising organizations and senior leadership.

I have built my career working within organizations to improve their communication, planning and operational efforts, and I have also worked closely with numerous CEOs, COOs, and scientific experts, coaching them on effective communication strategies and media relations.

I hold a Masters degree in Professional Communication and I have obtained professional certification as a Communication Management Professional (CMP).

Fun facts: I’m a wife, dog owner, restaurateur – yes it’s true! – and a member and avid volunteer of the International Association of Business Communicators.

Perspective – It really is everything!

I help solve problems – pure and simple. As a professional communicator, a business owner, a mentor, and a leader, I have developed a unique skillset and therefore a unique perspective that I use to tackle issues, develop strategies, and help organizations and individuals reach their goals. Simply put: My superpower is being able to see what you don’t see.

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